The Fox and the Crow

Our branding features two special icons – a charming fox and a crow. Symbolic of our journey in more ways than one, the story of the Fox and Crow has been debated since their debut in Aesop Fables and their routes in the story telling of Ancient Greece.

In the story, a crow has found a piece of cheese and retired to a branch to eat it. The crow is interrupted by a charming fox who tells the crow that she is the most beautiful of all the birds – the phoenix of the forest – and that if only the whole forest could hear her sing she would know no equal. Overcome by flattery the Crow opens her mouth to sing, the cheese falls and is devoured by the fox – who says, 'Flatterers thrives on fool’s credulity. This lesson is worth a cheese, don’t you agree?'

The Crow shamefaced and flustered swears, 'Nevermore!'

Here at Fromage Headquarters, we love this story for the questions it raises … what is the value of a piece of cheese? Did the fox have the right to charm the crow? Or is the Crow a vain creature who should know better? 

A debate that has been waged for centuries and resulted in many iterations of the same story, from new moral endings that punish the fox through to an eastern story of flattery rewarded that exists in Buddhist scriptures where the crow replies that it requires nobility to discover the same in others and shakes down other fruit to share.  

So our charming foxes and fragile crows, what is your position on this moral fable?

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